Daniel Fresno

Translation: Daniel Fresno's testimony

The chi kong taught by Master Chao is called "chüe shih", which means "to expand consciousness". I think it is a very well chosen name. I also think it was one of the best investments I ever made.

It is a very complete and very deep chi kong. In a first stage the practitioner learns the 14 movements that allow him to perceive his inner energy. In the next level you learn to circulate that energy through the different meridians and organs. Those are just the first two levels; there are many more.

The practice of chi kong allowed me to sharpen my sensory awareness. My attention became more and more powerful, shedding light on all areas of my life. I began to be aware of my thoughts, my words and my actions. And also, the consequences of my actions on my life and that of others.

I began to feel more internal integration. The contradictions and pairs of opposites did not disappear, but the tension between them diminished. The opposites began to work harmoniously and in synchrony.

This integration of opposites gave me great inner peace. It allowed me to feel centered and balanced even in turbulent or stressful situations.

I was able to better understand my present and I could travel to the past to settle pending bills and to close old wounds. All this gave me a wonderful sense of liberation.

I was able to meet again with loved ones who I lost due to the matters of life. And I was able to tell them what I did not know how to say at that time.

This method of chi kong has two great merits. One is that it strengthens the attention and educates it. The second is that it helps to quiet the mind. The systematic and methodical practice of this chi kong allows to develop an inner silence that makes it possible for one to get in touch with the voice of the inner wisdom. This is very important because that voice usually has the answers to the questions we all ask ourselves.

Ariel Yablon

Translation: Ariel Yablon's testimony

My name is Ariel Yablon, I am a historian by profession, and I have been practicing tai chi and chi kung with Master Chao since 2008.

There are many benefits I have received from practicing with Master Chao. I would like to focus on two of them at this time.

The first is the great amount of energy that gives me the practice of tai chi and chi kung. When you practice on a regular and sustained basis, people in general - and me in particular - gather a lot of energy for everyday life.

Beyond the energy provided by practicing tai chi, I would also like to point out another benefit that I receive thanks to the practice of tai chi and chi kung with Master Chao, and it has to do with a very deep teaching of Master Chao on how we should face the challenges of everyday life.

We have the idea, in general, in our society, that if we have a problem, we must try to solve it by fighting and confronting the enemy in a straight way, facing the problem directly in an attempt to impose our point of view.

Master Chao, instead, teaches us that we must know when to move forward, when to step back and when to remain in place since not always clashing full frontal is the best strategy. Master Chao always recommends us to focus instead on charging ourselves with energy, through more and more practice. Then, he says, in a way, these challenges will get solved on their own accord.

This is not "magical thinking" of any kind. It is just - and I have felt this many times in the past - that when we have energy, and when we have attention to small details, and when we are focused and concentrated, we are better able to solve these problems. This is something that, as I said before, we, in our Western culture, do not understand in the way we should.

Eugenio Fontana

Translation: Eugenio Fontana's testimony

Hello, my name is Eugenio Fontana and i practice Chi Kong with Master Chao since three years ago.

The definition of Chi Kong is basically energy practice, as you can see it is a rather unspecific definition, so it can happen and it happens that each master has its own particular method. This is what Master Chao developed, his particular and personal method, which searches the improvement of skills like discipline, patience and focus.

This is manifested when in an exercise we find ourselves executing the same movement during 20, 30 or up to 40 minutes. At first was boring and tedious to me but then I understood that the Master with this system leads us to become in what he names as “Experts in the movement”. Once in that stage the practitioner can understand the most fine details of the movement, it can be understood how the energy flows and it can be seen how the mind stays in the task we are sustaining and repeating for long time. This generates many benefits in the mind of the practitioner as the tranquility, consciousness in the movements, consciousness in the thoughts, the

practitioner is aware when the mind goes out and can return it back to the movement, the consciousness of the own energy is developed, besides many other benefits.

Particularly to me it helped me to improve my taichi chuan, to understand better the movements, to understand better how the energy flows in the form. Also it impacted in my particular life in a very positive way, I am happier in the different spheres I am developing, I have a more optimist view of the life, I am more conscious of my emotions, for that I can, for example, in front of a stress stimulus, avoid that a bad emotion invades me and make me react in an inappropriate way, actually I can detect the emotion before it governs me and change mi mind to avoid conflict. This results in a personal change, then the change of the surround and in consequence a change in my life in its totality.

Davide Varela

Davide shows his report card and his progress after starting to practice Chi Kong with Master Chao. Before he could get a 7, 8 or 9 with much effort, now he can get the highest score: 10.
The buddies also feel happy for him!

Translation: Davide Varela's testimony

I've been practicing Chi Kung Chie Tsiu from master Chao for two and a half years.

In that period I’ve changed a lot. I improved my patience and my concentration in the first exercises and with the following ones i started to know the body in a way it that can't be found in books, I am exploring it in an internal way with my own body.

I believe this gave me a good capacity to communicate better with myself and now i can be aware in easily of little daily unbalances in life like dehydration, too much eating, or any negative effect. In that way i can act to reach a balance faster, when it is not a serious problem. That time which one takes to understand the body improves my life quality in its totality. In spite of the adversities that life presents, when one listens to the body it can be understood and regulate it better. When the mind is in better focus there are less preoccupations and the patience helps to accept and resolve the issues without precipitation. And this also produces wellness because the emotions are quieter. I still have much to improve in that sense but there is a progress that is easy to appreciate.

Besides, I am always encouraged and interested for the fact of knowing that there is much to learn and that the learning is increasingly richer.