Capture of energy in San Pedro, 3 days

This image of practicing Tai Chi Chuan under the sunset on the banks of the river looks like a painting
San Pedro has beautiful scenery and fresh air
Students and teacher laughing at some joke
Returning to the rural life of before, a comfortable and relaxed life
Raised arms enjoying nature
Students marching on the green grass, welcoming to a new day, is a way of enjoying life. Under the stress of modern rhythm, these days have long been forgotten
Students laughing casually on an anecdote
Before the beginning of a new day the students walk full of energy towards the square.
Group photo by the river
Master Chao cooks Chinese food while a student notes the recipe
On a sunny afternoon, Master Chao teaches students to capture solar energy through a Chinese medicine spot located in the palm of their hands.
Speaking of nature in an unpopulated area
Master Chao uses the environment as a topic to talk about philosophy
Using the principle of pull and loosen to learn about the principle and technique of force to apply it in Tai Chi Chuan
Master's group photo with event participants
San Pedro has beautiful scenery and fresh air
Enjoying mate in the sun
Students prepare dinner
Taking advantage of the long weekend to get the energy of nature