Thanks for the blessing of Pope Francis

“Under the tree” is a book which was born from the collection of the Teacher's lectures during Tai Chi Chuan classes on Saturdays. We had the opportunity to present it to Pope Francis, and the Pope gave us his blessings.

The gifts of the Pope are brought by the Father of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires
The Rosary, the stamp of the Pope, among other presents, are part of the Pope's blessings
Master Chao telling his students how we managed to presented the book to the Pope
The student Kozima sharing the experience of the book. Her boyfriend, who gets very nervous before the exams, after reading the book was able to calm down and pass the exams without problems.
Master Chao and the students were very happy and grateful to receive the words and blessings of the Pope.



我們感謝教宗,這樣的祝福激勵我們持續我們的修練, 透過身體, 心靈和精神的培養,來幫助人們和社會。"