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When observing the relationships between the many species of animals and nature as a whole, it can be seen that everything is exchanged through the interaction of subatomic particles and various elements which emit energy waves and electromagnetic waves.

These waves are very subtle and difficult to perceive. Different waves have different functions, and the farther a wave is transmitted the thinner it becomes. These waves are very difficult to capture with an instrument, but people can feel the changes, as they grow, dissipate, and disappear.

We age every day, but unless there is a serious illness we don’t feel the daily changes in our bodies. However, with the passing of months and years we do begin to feel the changes.

Not only do our bodies change, but so too do products that are manufactured. Experienced people can judge the age of products when they look at them.

Each species acts in its own unique ways, and they emit different energetic and electromagnetic waves into the atmosphere, which are exchanged with other species. When a species disappears, there will be some minor disruptions. Nature will create other similar species that will adapt to the changes created by the species which have disappeared. However, if human destructiveness is too excessive, there will be obvious imbalances, resulting in various natural and man-made disasters.

The changes that can readily be observed are the result of processes that are already out of balance.  However, many more subtle instances are less easily detected, such as the effects of animal kinetic energy. Each time there is a movement, electromagnetic waves are generated. Another example is the movement of cars, airplanes, and all other vehicles forms dynamic waves or moving waves. Anything that moves will produce moving waves, such as the wind blowing trees. Not only will the wind blowing produce dynamic waves, but the act of the tree itself being blown will in turn produce further waves that will be conveyed throughout the atmosphere.

The functions played out by all the species in nature have many effects.  We have always enjoyed the nourishment of the natural world, but we have unwittingly destroyed the balance of its operation.

While many people love nature, and enjoy being in contact with it, however they only commune with nature for a short time, pouring out their trials and tribulations, and rejoicing in the embrace of nature.  While this can provide some temporary relief from their troubles, it cannot completely resolve the situation.

Nature lovers abound.  In their spare time they enjoy looking at flowers and trees, working in the garden, watering plants, and pruning plants.  There are many ways to enjoy a connection with nature, and everyone will find their own methods. From these activities it is very natural to feel moved to express a love and caring for nature, and gradually feel embraced by nature.

There are also many people who love and care about nature, but don’t understand how to protect it. Only by directly experiencing nature ourselves, cultivating their qi, and using their intention to connect their qi with nature can they truly feel to be a part of nature.

All things, including rocks, sand, earth, and water are parts of nature.  Without any one of them, the natural system would not be a smoothly operating system and would lack its integrity.

For all of these reasons of disconnection with nature, severe natural problems of today have arisen, such as global warming and pollution. Scientists are still trying to understand the underlying causes of these problems. Now is the time for us to eliminate these disasters at the source. Learning to find a balance and connection with nature and is key to this.

When talking with students about studying breathing methods, I tell them it is important that they understand and practice in accordance with the structure of the respiratory system.  This is the correct way to ensure smooth circulation of the entire system.

You should breathe in through the nose, but do not breathe out through the mouth. The less you can exhale the better, you want to breathe in more than you breath out. Breathe in and out slowly. Only by allowing your consciousness and your movements to work in concert can your breathing gradually become slower.  You have to take time and slowly change your breathing to be able to go from 4-5 breaths a minute down to 1 or 2 breaths a minute. If you try to make large changes abruptly, the process will not be a smooth one, it will be hard to make the change, and your breathing will be staggered and ragged.  

There are many breathing techniques, which are all helpful for health and emotional well-being.  The more deeply you practice the more you will be able to master the skills. This will help to provide inspiration, and help in your sensitivity to all manner of things. Either way this will help in your spiritual cultivation.

Most people think of breathing with the lungs to improve their vital capacity. However, we are not limited to breathing only with the lungs. We can also use the diaphragm to breathe. We can even learn to develop our consciousness so as to allow us to use our whole body to breathe, using the pores of our skin.  While breathing in and out may seem very simple, in fact it is very profound and requires much practice, and great skills and knowledge.


A Tai Chi student who had stopped practicing for nearly eight years recently returned to study with me as well as taking my Mind Potential course. Today, he told me after practicing the breathing method I had taught him, he had already lost six kilograms.

He said that he felt that he had been asleep for the past eight years, and his willpower was limited. There was something pulling him down, not letting him practice. He often got sick, or something would prevent him from being in the mood to practice.

In his dreams, he heard me call him back, and It seemed that he suddenly woke up. Not only did he have the courage to continue with his practice, but his mood improved as well, and he became less irritable.

When people face adversity, they might feel very confident at first but they will soon face tests.  If they are able to pass those tests they will learn to rely on their own strength. This will then allow them to progress and practice more advanced exercises.

Some big companies from developed countries, holding an important capital stock, want to make a trend out of space trips, positioning Mars migration projects as alternative investment choices for emerging industries.

Human beings tend to develop vertically, upwards. It is a natural inclination and a sign of hope. Expansion to outer space is a dream that mystifies and fascinates man, as well as a new milestone in the era of super science.

However, to the present day no planet has been explored yet apart from the moon, for any investigation has been limited to the use of satellite equipment or big size telescopes placed at incredible heights. Based on the plain vision of the appearance and characteristics, it is possible to detect the presence of mountains, seas, lands or rocks: basic conditions that all planets offer. Furthermore, the operation of each planet is different, similar to the fact that on Earth there exist several types of plants and animals with diverse functions. Human beings, thinking that they are not directly related, wrongly believe that they are dispensable and, therefore, kill animals and cut down trees till climate change happens and natural disasters occur one after another, to question themselves then if there would be any links among them. It is the specialists’ job to observe and investigate the relation, the operation and the existing order among the different galaxies in the universe.

The same happens with the system and operation of Mars. In order to explore that planet, firstly it is necessary to overcome several difficulties, such as the lack of oxygen, predominance of gas in the air, low gravity, reduced plant energy, weak electromagnetism, toxic soils, and temperature variation, among others. Moreover, there exist other problems such as the possibility that organs should become atrophied or collapsed due to the variation in gravity. Only if these natural obstacles can be overcome will life in Mars be possible for human beings.

Notwithstanding the fact that in the past there may have existed beings similar to humans in Mars, in view of the transformations occurred in order to regulate the time sequence, the operation of that planet has changed. To this day, the Creator still has not set the necessary conditions for life in Mars. This has to be taken into consideration when planning a migration to that planet.

Some people know that natural disasters exist yet do not wish to understand their causes. Some other people, having suffered catastrophes themselves, beg heaven and earth without any response and impotently reflect on the reasons that lead to these events. Based on personal experience, they acknowledge that divinities are protectors of life, and therefore conclude that human action is the main cause of disgrace. Both victims and wise people, deeply moved, link climate change and greenhouse effect to energy conservation and carbon reduction. However, those who have not suffered any disaster as yet doubt whether these are really caused by the greenhouse effect and climate change or are simply lies.

Due to extreme weather in the northern and southern hemispheres and irregularity in cold and hot temperatures, every year high or ice-cold temperatures cause numerous victims. In the newspapers there are lots of reports related to unbearable heats or thick snows that make roofs collapse. Moreover, the situation seems to worsen every year. How come there still exist people who do not believe in climate change? Have they not seen the images? Do they think the videos are untrue? Is it possible that advanced technology bewilders human mind?

Under the greenhouse effect and extreme weather, rich people have the necessary resources to relieve hot or cold temperatures and maintain a good quality of life. They are not able to understand the difficulties of poor people in such weather. Free from suffering and problems, they prioritize economic benefits before carbon reduction, without considering what would happen if in the future they had to deal with natural disasters. All the benefits and profits they value so much would disappear immediately.

Even though these people think it is a minor issue, extreme weather is not only a reality but worsens every year. Many believe that scientific investigation in subjects like electronics or chemistry allows things to be replaced by artificial means. In fact, after due testing, some seem to offer positive results in the short term, but after some time all sort of problems appear.

In nature there exist countless animals and plants that operate in benefit of balance. Without noticing this, human beings have cut down forests and have caused many animals to become extinct. After a short time, natural disasters have started to occur, but human beings still deny the links between these and flora and fauna.

For example, in the drought seasons, the sky is absolutely cloudless and rain cannot be brought about not even spreading dry ice in the air. If one wished to ask the gods to help create artificial rain, it would be necessary to have layers of clouds that, together with adequate equipment, could provide the much needed rain. This means that, without the corresponding natural conditions, it would not be possible.

Spreading sulphates in the atmosphere in order to reflect sunrays back to the outer space and thereby reduce Earth temperatures would seem to work out once or twice. However, climate becomes even worse afterwards: being artificial, this does not have the regulatory effect on the natural cycle and, on the contrary, affects natural order. When sulphates are spread to create humidity in one region, other remote regions are affected.

The planet works as a system. When in one region balance is lost, other regions are also affected. This means that, in case balance is lost in one region, the others help the former to regain balance. Therefore, the affected area is not limited to some regions only. If weather is unstable in America, this phenomenon influences all Europe, Asia and even Africa and Oceania causing instability. The effects are global.

Everything has to follow the natural order, because it is impossible to alter or defy the order, or pretend to conquer nature. No matter how much technology advances, it is not possible to fight against nature. All crises arise from the fact that human beings only think about their own benefits. Ultimately, it is human beings themselves who have to bear with the disastrous consequences.


Many people have already experienced the disasters caused by extreme weather. When great catastrophes occur, deities do not respond to the requests of help, and fear, despair and confusion get hold of the victims, who suffer the pain of losing it all. Many others may have not suffered any natural disaster personally, but watching the disturbing images they feel moved and stay alert.

Those of us who have been born in this era are destined to live with natural disasters like droughts, floods, tornados, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. The troubling thing is that they appear in increasing number and intensity.

In the past, nobody paid attention to the air issue, for it was natural that the air should give us all the oxygen we need to breathe according to our needs at any time and place. However, in recent years, due to the excessive exploitation of the human being, the air has been seriously polluted, giving rise to carbon microparticles floating in the air that, when reaching certain quantity and weight, descend to the earth surface as smog. Life in such conditions is harmful to people’s health. According to the International Energy Agency’s 2016 statistics, the number of deaths caused by air pollution in a year is approximately 6.5 million people. It is an invisible cause of death that originates in the human being. Many companies have developed equipments to adjust air quality, but the result is still not as good as natural air. This means that in many countries fresh air is no longer available to everybody but has become a commodity that has to be bought at a certain price.

Most of us know that trees form polyphenols that are beneficial to the human body and adjust fresh air. However, that is only one tiny part of their functions. Trees also have the ability to lead to heaven and earth. Their importance is hard to imagine. Then, how should we plant them and what species should be planted to achieve the best results?

Scientists believe that the Earth has been severely damaged and fear that another great extinction is near. So they are dedicated to the search of another planet where human beings can migrate to. Is that really possible?

Environmentally conscious people know that the protection of Earth is an urgent issue to stop the destruction of Mother Nature.

However, many countries, due to their own economic interests, in recent years have not yet reached consensus on the subject of climate agreement. Even though the Paris Agreement was finally possible, recently the US withdrawal astonished the international community.

In view of this, a number of issues that worry the world are analyzed and many solutions are proposed in this book. In fact, protecting the planet is not hard at all: these are actions that anyone can undertake. What is really disturbing is that there exists no willpower to do so.

Yin and yang qi are also known as pure and murky qi. In the present days, due to the predominant murky qi, people unconsciously feel depressed, distraught and even anxious without apparent reason, trembling in the inside, with tense muscles, feeling oppressed and fearsome.

Regarding the basic causes for this phenomenon, the first one is breathing. Nowadays people breathe shortly and oxygen does not reach the cells. Therefore, they send alert messages, but people do not realize this and allow nerve cells to be lacking in oxygen.

Secondly, many use their mouths to inhale or exhale. This is even worse than breathing shortly with the nose, for the former leads to a stuffy nose, allergies, tensions and an unhealthy body. Due to the fact that the people who breathe through their mouths receive unfiltered and unregulated air, it contains much bacteria and dust. Moreover, stomach qi is exhaled and the body is unable to keep even minimum oxygen for circulation. In this way, emotional and health related issues are in worse condition than nose breathing.

Breathing is one of the main reasons that influence the state of mind. In second place, there is one’s own interest, including greed and selfishness. All conflicts arise from opposite interests, from greed leading to selfishness that only considers oneself at the expense of others. In view of these two motives, countless conflicts have occurred, affecting the whole world and giving rise to yin qi, murky qi. Therefore, how come we wonder about the appearance of natural and human disaster?

In simple terms, chi kung consists in guiding the great qi of the universe to one’s body to achieve certain effects.

Qi is the origin of all matter. If we develop it widely, we will achieve wide effects.

Qi includes all phenomena but is formless. It cannot be seen or touched, and only those who know it can attract it to be applied to marvelous means.

The marvelous effect of chüe shih chi kung is that it comes from the great qi of the universe and there it returns, but in this process it links the Earth and other planets, as well as all that exists in the universe. When practicing, one delves deep into it and is capable of seeing the relation and effects of all things.

In particular, natural phenomena that surround the Earth need to be investigated. Due to the fact that we live in it and the Creator has given it to us to be well administered, have we fulfilled our duties? How much do we know about the Earth we live on? Have we protected it?

Let’s consider the act of breathing, which we all know well and seems easy and simple. Precisely due to the fact that it is so easy, we have ignored it, thinking that breathing is keeping oneself alive and that breathing fresh air equals good health. Is it really so?

Human thoughts are constantly changing, as well as human actions. Each small movement, what effects does it bring about in the world? What is the relationship among heaven, earth and people?

In June of 1984, around 4 am, my master Wang Shu Jin asked me in a dream to move abroad. About what country I should move to, he said that at the park someone would contact me.

Full of doubts, I went as usual to the Taichung Park early in the morning and prepared to practice, when a fellow practice mate I had not seen for a long time appeared. He asked me to teach him the basic techniques of shiatsu and what he needed to pay attention to, because he had requested permanent residence in Argentina and, as it was a foreign country with an unknown language, he wanted to know how to deal with simple symptoms. This is how my causes and conditions for moving to Argentina occurred.

This South American country seemed from another world. In the beginning we faced all kinds of difficulties, and many incredible situations occurred. Had it had not been for the master’s dream, for I was young by then, for the quick and successful request of residence, for the kindness of the Argentine people, for the good education in that country compared to other South American countries, for the strong wish to learn Asian martial arts in my students… Had it not been for all these motives, my life would have been as any other, like the one my fellow practice mate led, for he later on abandoned the idea of moving and stayed in Taiwan.

I have always been grateful to the people I have known once we moved here, for everyone have helped us selflessly and have been the foundation I have leaned on. In a country where all was new, it seemed incredible that I should have found such positive causes and conditions. As if they had been old friends, these unknown people have offered their hands and have helped me find my way. When teaching, inspiration flowed naturally to me and led me to develop a more detailed and elaborate martial art. In a short time I was able to settle down and enjoy martial arts. In the first ten years, I still did not understand why my master had sent that dream. Only after did I realize that everything was motivated by my mission. Then I have dedicated myself to the promotion of Chinese culture, the virtues of martial arts practice and the cultivation of body and character. By means of applying the keys of martial arts to everyday life, cultivation of the mind can be achieved. Their promotion and teaching is my mission in life, which has given me so much joy.

Most people believe the universe is a mystery and that they only know a tiny fraction of it through scientific reports. In view of this, they think that only scientists are able to uncover mysteries and, therefore, freeze in face of them. There exists a proverb that says “those who dare not enter the tiger’s cave do not catch its offspring”. If our consciousness is unable to delve deep into nature and reach out to the universe, we will not understand its mysteries.

In heaven and earth there are a lot of unexplored places. But I do not refer to exploration by equipment and machinery, but to guiding the kind mind and consciousness to enter the inside of Earth and understand the operation of the planet’s internal system.

In the universe and the galaxies, where everything is impermanent, who is the commander? Where are the means that guide to heaven and earth?

The black hole of the universe, what does it do? Human beings think it is a fearsome monster. How do we reveal this mystery?

We often see volcano eruptions where great amounts of lava flow. Why there still exists plenty of magma?

People often talk about the oil crisis, but why has it not been depleted yet? Is it true that in fifty years it will run out?

Why have droughts become floods? We used to be concerned with the lack of water. Why are there so many floods nowadays? Where does the water flow to? Where does it collect?

Where does the wind come from? It is capable of blowing down houses, but it does not affect all fronts. Does it sometimes appear only in some regions?

In the province of La Pampa, Argentina, there have been 1200 thunder impacts in a drought. Where did the continuous thunder and lightning come from?

Why are fires hard to extinguish nowadays? We fear earthquakes and tsunamis, but are we not afraid of our own anger?

All these questions are not subjects for scientific investigation only, for they are related to our everyday life and even threaten future generations.

The answer to all these questions can be found in this book, which will uncover the mysteries of the universe: The vibration of the nature.